Unlocking Service

One of the primary services offered by Locksmith Salem is our business, home, and/or car unlocking service. If and when you find yourself locked out, please know that that the assistance of one of our technicians is available anytime you desire. Lockouts can happen day, night, on holidays, weekends, or even when your car is running or your cute little puppy happily wags his tail from inside. Lockouts often happen when we least expect them, and it always seems that they happen at the worst possible time!

Whether you locked your self out of your home on a busy Monday morning before work, your keys or locked in your car, or even if a child has locked them self in a bathroom, know that your Salem OR Locksmith is always here for you. No matter what you find yourself locked out of, Locksmith Salem can pick any lock to get you back in without unnecessary damage.

24 Hour Unlocking Service

Whenever you find yourself in need of a professional lockout service, then why not choose the service of Salem OR Locksmiths. We boast 24 hour availability, state of the art equipment, and a sense of professionalism that only we can provide.

Unlock A Car

Our automotive lockout service is heavily sought after in and around Salem, OR. We unlock cars in Albany, Keizer, Jefferson, Monmouth, Woodburn, and more. Our typical rule of thumb states that anyone who needs us to unlock their car or truck within 20 miles of Salem, Oregon can 100% rely on our service 24 hours a day. If you are outside of our service area or not sure whether you are or not, please do not hesitate to call us at (503) 664-4617.

Home Unlocking Service

You are finally home sweet home, only to find that you are locked out with no spare. Your options are to wait for someone who has a spare, call a landlord, bust the window or door, or simply call a Salem locksmith. Our residential lockout service can be relied upon 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call Salem OR Locksmith anytime you are locked out of your home, and rest assured that we will be there ASAP!

Business Lockout

Salem OR Locksmith also specializes in unlocking businesses in and around Salem, OR. Our commercial locksmith is so reliable that when you find yourself locked out. a technician can be on site in 15 minutes of requesting our service. Don’t stain that image you worked so long to mold. Call Salem OR Locksmith today at (503) 664-4617!


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Salem OR Locksmith is fully licensed to perform locksmith services in the state of Oregon. Our CCB is 187736. We are a mobile only service.